Benefits of Participation

Provider Benefits

Providers who have joined the Duke Connected Care network realize a number of unique benefits, including:

  • Additional support for your patients who need it most. Your patients and your practice will be supported by:
    • Care coordinators who:
      • specialize in helping patients find a primary care provider, remove barriers to accessing care, achieve their health goals, and better prepare for appointments;
      • educate patients about their conditions and the disease process and work towards clinical improvement; and
      • visit patients in their homes to assess and counsel patients about their health needs.
    • A clinical pharmacist who advises patients, providers and health team members on issues related to medication access and safety;
    • Geriatricians who advise care managers and directly engage with patients; and
    • Other health professionals, such as occupational therapists and social workers, who can provide patients and their care teams with additional support as needed.
  • Access to additional performance data & analytics. We'll provide you with access to quality and resource utilization data based on the latest population trends as well as information on your individual patients. That way, you and other providers in your practice better understand your patients' needs and can focus your attention on those who truly need it.
  • Greater revenue potential and reach. Network providers who achieve quality measures are eligible to share in the savings realized through the delivery of higher-quality care. In addition, as a clinically integrated network, Duke Connected Care can participate in joint contracting arrangements with payers that might not otherwise be available.
  • Enhanced care coordination. Electronic health records and tighter clinical integration across the continuum of services means a more seamless healthcare delivery experience for you and your in-network colleagues.
  • FREE patient engagement resources and tips for delivering high-quality, cost-conscious care. We send—and pay for—mailings, pamphlets and other materials to remind your assigned patients about annual check-ups, immunizations and other care they must get from you to stay well. We'll also send you occasional newsletters containing tips to ensure you are doing all you can to deliver your patients the highest quality care and use resources wisely.